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SM House






The client is a family of six, matrimony with four children, two girls, and two boys in the pre-teen to teen ages. Both parents work, they are young, active and were looking for more space and comfort for their family. From the beginning, the client expressed their desire to integrate as many as feasible eco-friendly, green design strategies. They wanted to live in the most efficient house possible, to conserve the use resources. The project is a remodel of a house that was originally built in the 50's. The original house was very well designed; the structure was in good condition, the interior distribution very well thought out. On the other hand, the new program and contemporary needs of this 21st century family mandated bigger spaces, a more direct connection between service spaces like the kitchen and family / living areas, and a better relationship between the interior and exterior. Since the original distribution of public and private spaces worked, the main challenges were how to add the new programmatic elements in and around the original structure in a way that they would complement but at the same time contrast the original structure and how to "open" some of the existing spaces so they would blend into the new spaces.


Arq. Jorge Ramirez Buxeda, Alfredo Perez AIT, Arq. Robin Planas, Nelson Cotto AIT, Zoraida Rivera AIT


Ing. Estructural Arturo Beale, Ing. Electrico Carlos Requena, Ing. Mecanico Rafael Pares, Interiores Lulu Puras, Fotografia Raquel Perez Puig, Maridian Construction, Rafael Rachid, Nestor Hernandez

Fechas de la propuesta

  • Fecha de proyecto:2015-11-15
  • Fecha de comienzo de obra:2014-01-08
  • Fecha de fin de obra:2015-11-15