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Moledo House



Nombre de la propuesta

Moledo House




After the experience at the Baiao House, I felt that it would be more natural, in Portugal, to design wooden frames. To this end, the roof has to be exposed to view, declaring itself a new object, visible as if fallen from the sky The project set out to redesign another: earlier house, analogous in terms of site, program and materials. One exception, one aspect that was not a redesign, is that we had to reconstruct the hillside with new retaining walls and platforms, and this cost more than the house itself Le coeur o des roisons... The client, as an intelligent man, was in agreement, and during seven years the house progressively gained in autonomy passing from the redesign to the specific design for the occupants and the site which we progressively discovered and modified.


Eduardo Souto de Moura


Manuela Lara, Pedro Reis, Nuno Rodrigues Pereira

Fecha de fin de obra:

  • 1998


Luis Ferreira Alves